After working at the World Trade Center for a financial company and surviving the attacks on September 11th, I was struggling with after effects that encouraged me to leave New York City’s hustling Corporate America and pursue entrepreneurship. I looked at many different businesses but could not find anything that aligned with my interests and passions. It was not until I was introduced to Klenke Distributors and the concept of customizing beverages with personalized labels that my interest peeked.

            I believed that this idea, along with providing quality beverages, would be an extremely successful endeavor. Excited, I brought home many different sodas to my family and friends and allowed them to try the drinks. Seeing the positive feedback made me even more motivated to continue with this idea, and from this My Private Label was born.

            In the beginning, we worked on creating exciting, new flavors and switched from using high fructose corn syrup to pure cane sugar in our recipes to provide our customers with superior quality products. We also chose a premium spring water company, with water quality that surpasses the industry’s requirements. The water is micro-filtered and ozonated for purification, and is guaranteed to exceed our customer’s needs. After two years in businesses dealing strictly with beverages, we branched out to include promotional products, screen printing, and embroidered apparel in our services. Through this idea, we hoped to make it easier for our customers to brand themselves with a one stop shopping experience.

            At My Private Label we strongly believe that if you are not branding yourself, you are branding someone else. It is important for our customers to be able to creatively advertise their brand, and we hope to help make their experience as effortless as possible.

Warehouse: Luis

Office Manager: Bob