Wholesale Customers

Why should I advertise myself on custom products?

When you choose to put your name on quality products, your customer knows you have gone the extra mile to provide them with the best quality products available. Your own brand beverages with your logo, your name and your colors keeps the name in front of the customer. This is an extension of your advertising campaign. The more they see your name, the more your name becomes recognized, and the greater the chance of increasing your business.

There are many examples of branding that we see everyday. When you see a brown truck you immediately think of UPS. You associate that with fast delivery and good service. You do not think of the manufacturer of the truck but, if UPS did not have their trucks branded, would they receive as much business? Not likely. Keeping your name in front oof your customer is a well accpeted and highly effective and profitable form of advertising.

How do I benefit from branding my own beverages?

You get the exposure you want to increase your business. You create name recognition for your establishment. You also make money on the beverages. Another way to look at it is that your own brand of beverages is the only form of advertising you do that your customer actually pays for you. Each time you sell a bottle of your own brand beverage, you receive actual money back on the advertising investment. There is no other form of advertising you do in your establishment that you actually see a cash return on that you can track.

Another advantage is that once your customers taste your brand of beverages they become loyal to the brand and tell others. This creates even more advertising of your name from your brand beverages.

What do I have to do and what is the investment?

You really do not have to do much. Just make sure you let your customers know you have your own brand of beverages available. You can either put it on your menu, use custom tent cards on the table (we provide them) or have your wait staff mention it to each customer. When they ask the customer what they would like to drink, all they have to say is "For your beverage choices, we have available to our own brand of sodas and water," the product will sell itself once you make the customer aware of it.

Your initial investment is $79.00 That includes all the necessary elements required to produce the custom labels for your beverage. Our graphic department will take your logo, scan it, clean it and provide you with several different versions of a label design for you to choose from. You could be selling your own brand of beverages for our low fee of $79.00 in a little as two weeks.

We guarantee you'll like your label or we'll redo it FREE.

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